Traveling long and traveling light—an interview with Evelin Strougal and Melvyn Appleton

By David Hammond 
Evelin Strougle and Melvyn Appleton
Like the Johnny Cash song, Evelin Strougal (82) and Melvyn Appleton (83) have been everywhere.

They know New York, London, Paris, and scores of other cities around the world.

They’ve walked the beaches of dozens of islands set in a variety of oceans and seas.

And over the years they refined the art of traveling light.

Busking: Twirling fire on a rope stretched across an intersection for tips

By David Hammond 
Twirling fire at an intersection in Medellín, Colombia | Image by David Hammond
If you're a street performer, a red light at an intersection can create a captive audience.

However, performing for stopped drivers at an intersection is different than entertaining pedestrians on a sidewalk.

Earn from anywhere with Amazon sales - an interview with Russell Freeman

By David Hammond 
Russell Freeman
The 2007 housing market crash and credit crisis turned Russell Freeman’s financial world upside down—just as he approached retirement.

But you’d never guess it seeing him today—living a comfortable life with time to socialize and enjoy his passions: food and photography.

To turn things back in his favor, Russell implemented a two-prong plan.

1. He retired abroad to satisfy a high quality of life for less money.

2. He became a seller on Amazon, a business he can manage from anywhere with an Internet connection.

How to set up a US company for global online trade from almost anyplace in the world

By David Hammond
Patrick Collison, Stripe CEO (right)
John Collison, Stripe Co-founder (left)
image courtesy of Stripe
In February 2016, Patrick and John Collison, the co-founders of the online payment provider, Sripe, unveiled a new business offering called Stripe Atlas.

Stripe Atlas is a service suite that simplifies the process of setting up a US company optimized for global online trade and is available to entrepreneurs outside the US.

Since making Atlas available, thousands of entrepreneurs from more than 124 countries have successfully set up a US company complete with a US bank account, for just 500 US dollars, in a matter of days, and without having to visit the US.